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I've made it really easy for you to request an appointment with me.

Just fill out the simple form below, and I'll give you a call back to confirm the details of your appointment (date, time, location, etc.). 

DO NOT request a session for reasons other than professional, therapeutic massage. This is a legitimate massage therapy practice.

On that note, here is a helpful article about Bodywork Etiquette!

I am located inside Trinity Day Spa next door to Eggbert's on Rt 66 in Claremore. Our policy is to Lock the Doors between each appointment to insure a peaceful session for each client.  If you arrive early to find that the door is locked, please don't be discouraged.  The door will be unlocked immediately following each massage session and there is a 15 miunte gap between appointments to allow time for clients to leave and arrive. 


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